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Understanding Intel’s Commitment To Open Source, Dedication To Open Ecosystem


Guests: Mark Skarpness (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Melissa Evers (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Intel  (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Intel has been one of the leading contributors to open source for a very long time. Recently, Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s CEO, penned a letter on LinkedIn about their dedication to the open ecosystem. But what does Intel mean when they say “open ecosystem?” According to Melissa Evers, VP, Software and Advanced Technology Group, & GM, Strategy to Execution at Intel, the “notion of open competition, open platform, is inherent in the way that the ecosystem has been built, the way that the ecosystem continues to transform and the role that Intel has played in enabling that success and transformation.”

At its core, Intel knows engaging with the open-source community is the key to success. To that, Mark Skarpness, VP & GM,  System Software Engineering at Intel, kicked off the discussion by saying, “In general, being in the community, being a good member of the open-source community, contributing, bringing the community forward, not as an outside player trying to influence, but being in the community and having our engineers deeply involved in working on advancing the kernel or many other open-source projects that we work in…that’s really the way to be an effective member and advocate for the open-source developers.”

Nowadays open-source developers are on the payrolls of companies around the world. On this topic, Skarpness had this to say, “There’s always this balance of my company’s interest, the community’s interest. I think we’ve really worked hard to create our own developers, a culture that gives them the freedom to work in the community, to serve the community interests and really contribute back for the broader good of the project.”

OneAPI is an important project which essentially envisions an open platform competition. On this matter, Evers says, “The world today is kind of locked in a set of proprietary verticalized, services and capabilities. And we don’t think that services the ecosystem well. We believe that letting people compete based upon the true nature of the value created is essential for the future of innovation. And so oneAPI is essentially a collection of open-source based specifications, as well as open-source components that we have productized in the oneAPI product offering that was announced.”

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

Topics we covered in this interview:

  • How would you define an open ecosystem?
  • How does Intel plan to engage with open-source developers at a very authentic level?
  • Now most open-source developers are on the payrolls of companies. mMost open source code these days is written in company time., hHow has that changed your engagement with open-source communities?
  • The market is changing with new architectures and even emergence of edge data centers. How is that changing dynamics transformingchanging Intel’s engagement with partners?
  • Plans Intel has with oneAPI 2022.
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