Varada Data Platform Features ‘Adaptive Indexing’ Technology To Accelerate Queries


Varada has announced its data virtualization platform which helps organizations monetize all of their available data with a predictable and controlled budget.

Using the indexing technology, the Varada Data Platform enables data teams to balance performance and cost of queries, without ceding control of their data to third-party vendors.

As the Varada Data Platform sits atop a customer’s existing data lake, there is no need to move data or budget for additional ETLs and storage. It helps reduce both cost and complexity while enabling data teams to keep data secure under consistent policies.

Further, the platform enables data teams to get deep visibility into workload performance and cluster utilization. They can easily define workload priorities, business requirements and budget.

The Varada Data Platform also reduces query execution time and the required compute resources. The key is Varada’s indexing technology, which breaks data across any column into nano blocks and automatically chooses the most effective index for each nano block based on the data content and structure.

The Varada Data Platform currently runs on AWS and supports reserved, on-demand and spot instances. Pricing is per-node, based on a predefined scaling group.

The Varada Data Platform is available on AWS Marketplace with integrated billing through AWS, or via AMI (Amazon Machine Image). Enterprise support is also available from Varada.

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