Veego Software has announced the general availability of Veego 2.0. Providing ISPs with complete visibility into the Connected Home including connected devices and the services they consume, context-aware Veego 2.0 is said to continuously monitor and score every user’s Quality of Experience (QoE) from each session.

The router-resident, lightweight Veego Agent helps ISPs measure with precision the efficiency of every internet session as it progresses, the company said.

“Veego 2.0 constitutes a leap forward for ISPs, going way beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach currently considered the state of the art. Now, ISPs can obtain a continuous score of every internet user’s experience based what influences that user’s enjoyment based on the type of service he is consuming,” explained Assaf Katan, Veego COO.

Veego 2.0 also features Proactive Care—the ability to recognize subscriber frustration as it happens. ISPs are able to proactively engage the customer over multiple channels (smart app, chat, SMS, phone calls, etc.), preempting dissatisfaction and churn. Subscribers feel taken care of and protected by their caring ISP who is vigilantly watching over their internet connection, the company explained.

Veego 2.0 also generates demographic, device, service, usage, performance, event, Customer Experience, and other data for valuable analysis across the subscriber base. It enables ISPs to understand usage profiles and trends, identify homes that are “in good shape” and those that are “suffering,” segment target audiences, and much more.

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