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Vendia Brings Blockchain v2.0 To Cloud Native World


Vendia is a new and promising serverless, distributed data and code sharing platform that makes building multi-region, multi-account, multi-owner distributed applications on AWS as quick and easy as creating a new database table. The company recently announced a $15.5M Series A round and also announced Vendia Share. One of the most exciting works that Vendia is doing is bringing Blockchain to cloud-native, microservices world. They tout it as v2.0 of blockchain. We sat down with Shruthi Rao, Co-founder of Vendia, to learn about the company, the platform and some of the most exciting use-cases of blockchain.

Here are some of the topics we covered:

· We talked about Rao’s background and what led to the creation of Vendia.
· What led Rao to start a new company with Tim?
· Blockchain is traditionally seen as a tech used by Fintech, but Vendia sees its application beyond the traditional use-cases. What’s v2.0 of blockchain?
· What are some of the most exciting use cases of blockchain?
· What kind of companies are using v2.0 blockchain?
· We then talked about the newly announced Vendia Share and the $15.5 million Series A funding.
· Developers get free access to Vendia Share.
· Roadmap of Vendia, plans for 2021.

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