Veritas Launches NetBackup Flex 5350 Appliance


Veritas Technologies has announced updates to its Enterprise Data Services Platform to extend ransomware protection to every part of the enterprise.

Veritas said its NetBackup solution now provides the most robust backup solution available on the market by delivering ransomware protection for containerized environments, immutability for Amazon S3, and integrated anomaly detection.

Further enhancements include the launch of the NetBackup Flex 5350 appliance, which offers data immutability, doubles the performance of its closest competitor, and completes the upgraded Veritas family of ransomware-hardened data protection appliances.

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Veritas is folding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-driven anomaly detection into NetBackup as an inclusive feature to alert backup admins of potential issues and ensure data is always recoverable.

Veritas is now offering Continuous Data Protection and Instant Rollback capabilities enabling VMware users to quickly recover from ransomware and other events in minutes instead of hours.

Starting with VMware but eventually expanding to any application, NetBackup now allows organizations to improve resilience from ransomware and other unplanned data loss events by defining and automatically executing multiple service level objectives, including the recovery technique (e.g., recover from backup, recovery from replication, etc.) and data, for each application.

Additionally, Veritas is extending Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage to AWS S3 cloud environments, enabling businesses to meet the most stringent compliance requirements while offering complete protection against ransomware.

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