Verizon Launches ‘On Site LTE’ Private Wireless Network


Verizon Business has announced the launch of On Site LTE for enterprise customers in the US. According to the company, On Site LTE provides customers a private, secure, and dedicated on-premises wireless network platform on which to run critical business applications and operations.

As businesses are preparing for 2021 and beyond, On Site LTE can serve as a critical platform to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while improving the overall operational output of their businesses.

With a custom-designed on-premises wireless network, companies can realize new levels of efficiency in deployments. These include predictive maintenance, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and Mobile-Edge-Compute (MEC).

Such new capabilities are enabled by a dedicated indoor/outdoor connectivity solution for customers to prioritize their processes, applications, and quality-of-service levels (QoS).

Some features include a customer dashboard that provides network performance visibility, in addition to Verizon’s expert wireless network management services so that enterprises can focus on running their business.

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