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Verta Launched With $10 Million In Series A Funding


Verta, the AI/ML model management and operations company, recently launched with its product that helps data science teams bring order to the chaos of sprawling enterprise machine learning environments. The company also announced $10 million in Series A funding led by Intel Capital with participation from General Catalyst who led the seed round.

Vartak, who has worked at Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter in software engineering and machine learning roles, created ModelDB, the first open source modern model management system, during her PhD at MIT’s CSAIL lab. ModelDB is widely used in the industry and Fortune 500 companies today and forms the backbone of Verta, the company said.

“Data science teams live in their own specialized world, working with data, running experiments and building great models. The software deployment teams that take those models and use them to power production applications have a completely different focus and set of trusted tools. Forcing these teams to learn each other’s tools is a distraction neither of them need. With Verta, we help each team to stay focused on what they do best,” said Manasi Vartak, founder and CEO of Verta.

Verta interoperates with a variety of tools and workflows used by data science and machine learning teams—including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and R—allowing them to stay productive using the approaches they determine best suit their needs.

Verta’s support for the rapidly changing landscape ensures data science teams can continue to innovate quickly, rather than wasting time supporting a brittle, home-grown patchwork of systems that need constant care.

Verta’s MLOps capabilities have been designed to be compatible with trusted application platforms such as Kubernetes, helping enterprise infrastructure teams to support model-based applications with well-established methods and tools.

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