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vFunction Brings Legacy Java Applications Into Cloud Native World


vFunction is a platform for developers and architects that transforms complex monolithic Java applications into microservices. Allowing developers to reap the benefits of cloud native computing and DevOps, vFunction emerges from stealth in February, announcing $12.2M in seed funding and a cloud native modernization platform. We invited Moti Rafalin, CEO and Co-founder of vFunction, to talk about the platform.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this episode:
• The history and story of vFunction, the company.
• How easy or difficult it is to modernize legacy Java applications to make them cloud native?
• How long does it take to transform these applications?
• Does vFunction job stop after converting applications?
• We talked about the importance of partnerships and what kind of customers are taking advantage of their technologies.
• Roadmap of the company

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