VMware Announces Beta Release Of Tanzu Application Platform


VMware has announced the beta release of the new Tanzu Application Platform (TAP) to help application developers and operations teams build and deliver a better multi-cloud developer experience on any Kubernetes distribution, including Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine, as well as software offerings like Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.

The beta release establishes foundational elements for building a unified experience on Kubernetes for both development and operations teams, including: Application templates with baked-in compliance and best practices, Automated container image builds, and Runtimes for serving and eventing capabilities, among others.

Inspired by Spring Initializr, Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu—included in the beta—enables developers to create their app with a declarative manifest and get a URL to test on the platform in minutes, with little or no Kubernetes knowledge necessary, in an environment that closely mimics production.

With Tanzu Application Platform’s API portal, developers can access internal and external APIs through a simple interface. Developers can also try out endpoints directly and receive sample responses, all without writing a single line of code.

In addition to simplifying API connectivity to applications, Tanzu Application Platform makes it easier to consume events from other apps and infrastructure. This happens through Cloud Native Runtimes for VMware Tanzu, which connects different types of event sources and consumers by using the TriggerMesh event integration platform.

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