VMware and DataStax have joined hands to bring DataStax Enterprise as the first scale-out, NoSQL, hybrid database-as-a-service for the vSAN Data Persistence platform.

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With VMware and DataStax, enterprises will be able to modernize rapidly with developer-ready infrastructure, scale-out data services and the orchestration and automation flexibility of Kubernetes.

The solution is aimed at simplifying operations and eliminate silos with consistent processes and tooling across clouds. Further, the solution will allow developers to build and run their stateful applications at scale, with reduced time-to-market, lower TCO and higher operational reliability.

Further, VMware Cloud Foundation 4.1 with VMware Tanzu will introduce the VMware vSAN Data Persistence platform. The framework is claimed to enable modern stateful services such as object storage, and NoSQL database to connect with the underlying infrastructure more seamlessly.

DataStax will introduce plug-ins in support of the platform over time. The new platform will enable enterprises to Use Kubernetes APIs to provision and scale stateful services on-demand in a self-service model with minimal administrator intervention.

It will also help deliver integrated service health and capacity monitoring through dedicated dashboards in VMware vCenter.

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