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VMware Tanzu Community Edition Is A Love Letter To The Open Source Community 


At KubeCon North America 2021, VMware announced the release of a free community edition of VMware Tanzu called VMware Tanzu Community Edition. Grant Shipley, Senior Director, Kubernetes at VMware, calls it a ‘Love letter to the open source community’.

When asked about new use cases like Edge, Shipley said that it’s also “meant for people to come up with new ideas on how to use it. It can be run in a single-node configuration, which could be a small edge deployment, such as a vending machine, or it could run the largest enterprise companies in the world. There’s no difference between Tanzu Community Edition and our highest paid Tanzu offering.”

Topics we covered in this interview:

  • What exactly is VMware Tanzu and what is VMware Tanzu Community Edition?
  • What is the idea behind creating the community edition of Tanzu? Is it to give potential customers a taste of the product so they can move to the commercial version or is it to serve the open source community?
  • What are the core components of VMware Tanzu Community Edition? And what is the release cadence?
  • How is the community edition tied to the commercial edition? Which one is the upstream project?
  • How easy is it to migrate from the community edition to the commercial editions and does VMware offer help with such migration?
  • Kubernetes use cases are growing. Is the community edition capable of being used in new use cases or is it meant for certain use cases?
  • As with any non-commercial version of a product, users are on their own for troubleshooting and support, what plans does VMware have to help such users?
  • What role will VMware play in any potential user community that will form around the Tanzu Community Edition?
  • What’s the best way to try out the Community Edition of Tanzu?
  • A discussion on the Carvel packaging system – is it meant for the community to create packages that they may need or is there a VMware-controlled marketplace?

About our guest: Grant Shipley is a Sr. Director at VMware focused on containers and Kubernetes. Prior to joining VMware, Grant worked as a Sr. Director on the OpenShift platform at Red Hat. He is the author of several books including “OpenShift for Developers” and “Learning OpenShift”.

Guest: Grant Shipley (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: VMware (Twitter)

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