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VMword Review With Rob Hirschfeld


Last week VMware organized it’s first ‘online’ VMworld event. Hirschfeld felt that the online event missed the scale of interactions that we are used to experiencing at the physical event. Despite over 100,000 registered attendees, there was no hallway track. In fact, I met Hirschfeld at one of the VMware events. I made no new friends last week. I didn’t have any new business partnerships. The past few virtual events have proved that nothing can replace physical events, especially when organizations are still trying to create an in-person event online. We need to think differently about them. That said, there was no shortage of announcements from VMware at the event. One of the biggest surprises was Project Monterey. VMware also announced yet another acquisition. This time its Saltstack. Let’s just jump into the video and see what caught our attention.

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