wasmCloud Joins CNCF As Sandbox Project


Cosmonic has announced that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has accepted its universal application runtime for building cloud-native applications with WebAssembly that can run anywhere — as its latest Sandbox project.

wasmCloud, the secure-by-default, boilerplate-free developer experience, combines the power and possibility of using cloud-native technologies with WebAssembly to design, develop and deploy composable applications that plug into incredibly diverse multi-cloud, multi-edge, and multi-browser environments.

Since its launch in November 2020, wasmCloud has amassed nearly 80 contributors and is one of four early-stage enterprise WebAssembly projects joining the CNCF as Sandbox projects, alongside Krustlet, Krator, and Orcas.

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Liam Randall, CNCF Cloud Native Wasm Day Program Committee Chair, launches Cosmonic to accelerate wasmCloud’s emergence and adoption among operations and development teams.

Randall, who has been involved in the cloud-native movement at many levels since 2014 contends the future of applications is distributed. The proliferation of over 21.5 billion internet-connected devices and combinations of operating systems and browsers makes universally portable apps a must-have and near-term evolution for application development.

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