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We Are Focussed On Solving Hard Problems In The Cloud: Joe Duffy


Pulumi recently concluded its Cloud Engineering Summit. We sat down with Joe Duffy, Co-Founder and CEO of Pulumi, to talk about the focus of the Summit. “This year, we really are focused on the practitioners helping them to solve some hard problems that we’re seeing today in the cloud,” said Duffy.

Guest: Joe Duffy (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Pulumi (Twitter)

Swapnil Bhartiya: Hi, this is your host, Swapnil Bhartiya, and welcome to another episode of Let’s Talk. And today we have with us, once again, Joe Duffy, CEO of Pulumi. Joe, it’s great to have you back on the show.

Joe Duffy: Swapnil, it’s great to be here. Thank you.

Swapnil Bhartiya: Today, we have so many things to talk about. First of all, is cloud engineering summit. I think this is the second summit. It’s tomorrow. Depends on when we are going to release this video, but if I quickly ask you, what is going to be the focus of the summit, how different it is from the previous summit?

Joe Duffy: Yeah, It’s great to have so many thought leaders in the industry, but really focusing on more practitioners, what are the lessons learned for doing cloud engineering? And to us cloud engineering is developers and infrastructure teams coming together to build great cloud software.

And so the topics sort of are organized in three tracks, build, deploy, and manage. So build it’s all about, hey, how do we build these modern architectures? Deploy is how do we do continuous delivery? How do we bring that level of productivity to the teams? And manages, how to do all this while remaining secure, cost effective, and all those things.

So we got some great keynotes, you know, Emily Freeman, also Kelsey Hightower. I think the difference this year is we really are focused on the practitioner. I think we had more sort of, you know, executive level participation last year, and we really want bring it down to practitioner level. Really take, you know, best practices you can take away and be productive with instantaneously. Helping to solve some hard problems that we’re seeing today in the cloud.

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