We May Start Seeing Successors To Kubernetes In 2022 | Liran Haimovitch


Guest: Liran Haimovitch (Twitter)
Company: Rookout (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Liran Haimovitch, Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout, predicts that with Kubernetes becoming more mature, we’re going to start seeing Kubernetes successors over the next year. “Kubernetes is great. It’s awesome. It’s way better than everything we had in the past, but it’s also incredibly complex and it can be sometimes very expensive to operate, especially on a smaller scale. I’m guessing we’re going to start seeing new technologies that offer a lighter approach to orchestration that’s going to make things easier, smoother,” says Haimovitch. He also believes observability will start becoming more dynamic as a standard. Check out his other predictions for 2022 above.

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