We Will See 12-Hour-Long Cloud Outages In 2022; Amazon May Break Into Multiple Businesses | RackN CEO


Guest: Rob Hirschfeld (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: RackN (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

We are still recovering from the recent massive AWS outage that affected many businesses. Interestingly, RackN CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Hirschfeld, already predicted this kind of outage during our recording of the latest series on 2022 predictions. His exact words were: “We’re going to see all major hyperscalers having 12-hour-plus long outages, something nobody’s going to be looking forward to, but that’s the trend line that we see. It’s more outages, longer durations as they struggle to get things back on track.”

Hirschfeld also predicted that Amazon will follow Google and Facebook and will decouple into multiple businesses. He predicted that while Google went with Alphabet, Facebook with Meta, Amazon would likely split its businesses under a new company name called Zone.

Only time will tell whether the rest of his predictions would end up being true, which he has shared in the video above.

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