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Web3 Startup Impossible Cloud Certifies Its First German Data Center


Impossible Cloud, the enterprise-grade cloud platform that offers decentralized, multi-service cloud solutions, recently certified its first German data center, located in Frankfurt, with plans to handle client data beginning June 1. The new location adds to Impossible Cloud’s growing global footprint of top-tier data centers optimized for maximum security, performance, and ease-of-use for organizations seeking modernized and cost-efficient cloud storage.

The new facility will offer Impossible Cloud and its customers virtually limitless scalability throughout Europe, with more than 8 petabytes of initial raw storage capacity, access to further enterprise data centers, and durability beyond “11 nines.”

Impossible Cloud recently announced the general availability of its enterprise-grade, native cloud storage solution delivering all the capabilities of traditional cloud storage along with the key benefits of decentralized web3 technology. It is the first decentralized, enterprise-grade cloud for fast, outage-proof, Kubernetes-friendly, AWS S3-compatible object storage, designed to enable switching from web2 via a single line of code and to deliver cost savings of up to 75%. Impossible Cloud’s services can be procured using fiat currencies, eliminating a critical roadblock that has slowed B2B adoption of web3 technologies.

The new EU data center adheres to Impossible Cloud’s robust security and reliability standards and features.

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