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What Is Data Version Control & Continuous Machine Learning | Dmitry Petrov


Based in San Francisco, is the company behind the development of DVC and CML, open-source tools to streamline the workflow of data scientists. integrates ML workflows into current practices for software development instead of creating separate AI platforms. Dmitry Petrov, Co-Founder and CEO,, joined us to talk about the company and Data Version Control (DVC) and Continuous Machine Learning (CML) open source projects.

Topics we covered in this interview include:

  • Introduction to, the company
  • Why is Open Source a better approach for AI/ML?
  • What is Data Version Control (DVC) and Continuous Machine Learning (CML)?
  • Who should care about DVC and CML?
  • How does it stack against proprietary AI Platforms such as AWS SageMaker and Microsoft Azure ML Engineer?
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