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What Is Governance As Code And How Stacklet Helps You Use It?


Kapil Thangavelu, Co-Founder & CTO of Stacklet, talks about how they provide governance at scale.

Stacklet provides a platform for running governance code at scale across thousands of accounts and policies while being able to offer an operational experience and the tooling to make a company successful “out of the box” by way of Policy Packs (such as those for cost optimization, security, governance, reporting, and GitOps workflows).

Stacklet recently made three announcements. The first is the Stacklet Platform, which is designed to work in a GitOps fashion to keep your governance as code. With this tool, you attach your Git repos and the Stacklet Platform will ingest them for version control and code review of your policies. The next piece is the commercial Policy Packs, which are commercially supported, “battle-tested” policies around various features that your company can then use within your environments. Finally, Asset DB is a real-time database of all of your cloud assets, inventory, cloud asset resources across all of your environments and providers.

According to Kapil, “The Stacklet Platform is all serverless. We are using a lot of different technologies internally, to help power that. Most of our platform is based on Python and based on the same language that clustering itself was written in.” Kapil adds, “We are also heavy users of libGit, and Git to provide that GitOps type of experience and workflow.”

Kapil discusses the trends from the past year which are focused around both security and security applied across the entire software development lifecycle. To that end, he says, “There’s been a lot of renewed focus around supply chain security with regards to how assets are being consumed and built with regards to Open Source and making sure that that delivery chain has the appropriate controls and guardrails.” Kapil concludes by discussing cost semantics and how the pandemic played into this.

Stacklet was founded by the creators and lead maintainers of Cloud Custodian, an open source cloud governance project used by thousands of well-known global brands today. Stacklet provides cloud governance as a code platform that accelerates how Global 2000 manages its security, asset visibility, operations, and cost optimization policies in the cloud.
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