What To Expect At PrestoCon 


Guests: Dipti Borkar (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Tim Meehan (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Girish Baliga (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Organization/Company: Presto Foundation (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

PrestoCon has arrived and the focus of this year’s event is all about innovation, what Presto has accomplished, and how Presto serves as a platform for SQL analytics.

Dipti Borkar, Presto Foundation Community Team, is particularly excited about the C++ and native worker presentations. On that, Borkar said, “There’s a couple of sessions about how that is progressing and how the new Presto worker that is being rewritten in C++ from Java is really going to transform Presto into next-gen Presto. You’ve seen there’s a lot of talk today about databases and data lakes, and we believe that users are looking for an open-source option for open data lakes. And with this new work, it will really take Presto and interactive querying to the next level.”

As to the focus of the event, Tim Meehan, PrestoDB Technical Steering Committee Chair, turned his attention to, “some use cases around scaling with Presto on Spark and talks regarding Kafka at scale.”

Girish Baliga, Chair, Presto Foundation, Governing Board, took a different perspective and focused on Presto as a platform for SQL analytics in general. On that, Baliga said, “The focus is more on the platform aspects. So this touches on many things, starting all the way from the bottom layer, which is the storage layer.”

As far as how these companies are using Presto, Uber uses the platform for business reporting, analytics, data science, machine learning, and any kind of big data processing. Meta uses Presto for interactive analysis, batch workloads, and interactive flows. Finally, Ahana uses Presto as a managed service that runs in the cloud to leverage the power for data lakes.

The Presto community is unique in that they believe in community-driven open source and being a part of the ASF. What really excites Meehan about the community is, “how it’s grown outside of Meta, and although it was sort of developed at Meta, seeing, once again, all the creative ways that people end up using Presto.”

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