TFiR is of of the top video-first, next-gen tech publication that specializes in Open Source, Cloud-Native, AI/Ml & AR/VR. Founded by seasoned journalist, Swapnil Bhartiya, TFiR leans heavily on video interviews with developers, engineers, founders and C-level executives. TFiR publishes shows like Let’s Talk, TFiR Insights, TFiR Wrap, TFiR Newsroom. We also publish Daily News, featured articles, interviews, mini -documentaries, etc.

We talk about new technologies. We will talk about new business models. We talk about tech culture and their impact on our society.

Target audience

We have identified three core target audiences:
• CXOs, the decision makers;
• Developers/Operators, and
• Enthusiasts

If you want to appear on our shows, just send me an email at ‘[email protected]
Best Regards
Swapnil Bhartiya

Founder & Editor