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What’s TFiR?

TFiR: Open Source & Emerging Technologies

TFiR is an abbreviation for The Fourth Industrial Revolution. We publish News, Analysis, Interviews, Op-ed & Tutorials for those who are helping build the next gen infrastructure, products and services using Open Source technologies.

The four key areas that we cover include, cloud, containers, machine learning and IoT. We talk about new technologies. We will talk about new business models. We talk about tech culture and their impact on our society.

Target audience

We have identified three core target audiences:
• CIOs, the decision makers;
• Developers/Operators, and
• Enthusiasts

New formats of storytelling

We will deploy storytelling formats that are not dry and bland. Our stories will have a great deal of human interest angle in them. As a trained filmmaker and sound editor, I will be telling stories in all three formats – videos, podcasts and traditional text.

What kind of stories are we going to tell?

• News: News is the bedrock of information on which we build stories. We will cover important news stories on daily basis.
• News + / Analysis: We go beyond ‘what’ and focus on ‘why’ and ‘how’. We talk to experts to get more juice and meat for news items.
• Longform article: We publish in-depth long form stories to explain every tiny bit that you need to know as a reader.
• Back to Basics: In addition to advanced, higher level articles, we will also write articles explaining basics to help greenhorn developers and entrepreneurs.
• Executive Decisions: Interview based articles that will explain how new technologies translate into new business models or help users.
• Interviews // tête-à-tête: We travel around the globe meeting technologists and business leaders. We will publish exclusive interviews with leaders from the 4iR world.
• Founder’s Edition: We like human interest stories, so we will be writing in-depth profiles of notable technologists and business leaders.

Best Regards
Swapnil Bhartiya

Founder & Editor