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Why Developers Should Choose Appwrite Over Google Firebase


Appwrite recently raised over $10 million to build an alternative to Google Firebase. How different is Appwrite from Google Firebase and why should developers choose it? In this episode of To The Point, we tried to get answers to these questions for you from Eldad Fux, Founder & CEO of Appwrite. Check out our full interview with Fux here.

Guest: Eldad Fux (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Appwrite (Twitter)
Show: To The Point

Eldad Fux: Yeah, I’m originally a software engineer myself and I had multiple problems when I started up. Honestly, I started up to solve my own problems. I didn’t believe or thought too much about others. And I felt a lot of problem [inaudible 00:00:58] as a technology leader, I was both an R and D manager and a CEO and both as an engineer myself. I felt that as an engineer, there are so many things you have to master. And so many complexity that it just piled up on top of each other. And it felt like things are not going to get any easier. And traditional cloud solution like AWS and GCP have done a really good job of extracting a lot of previous complexity that we had in managing our own infrastructure and servers, but they have created also a new level of complexity for developers because those solutions were never designed for developers in mind. They were designed for IT personnel or for [inaudible 00:01:40].

And for developers it was a bit complex. Then it felt like a new abstraction level needs to be created in order to give developers the same capabilities, but with APIs and interfaces that they are familiar with and they already love and know how to consume. Basically, AppWright is this abstraction level on top of those traditional infrastructure that allows developer to rapidly develop new applications on top of any core APIs that they usually need to build on themselves, like an API for managing users, for managing a database, for managing storage and even cloud function that allows you to customize your entire solution according to your own business needs.

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