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Why Metadata Is Key In A Highly Scalable System | Adi Gelvan, Speedb


Changes in our data needs have evolved over the past 20 years, particularly with the growth of Internet of Things (IoT), and so has how metadata is managed. Existing storage engines were not built to scale and managing metadata has become complex and difficult to manage.

In this episode of Let’s Talk, Adi Gelvan, Co-Founder and CEO of Speedb, takes Swapnil Bhartiya through the current challenges of metadata and storage engines in the modern cloud-centric world. He discusses what motivated him along with the other founders to create the next-generation storage engine and how it is solving these problems.

When asked who is affected by the challenges of metadata, Gelvan responds saying, “Everybody, Everything around us is data. I don’t think I know any technology company that doesn’t rely on data. Data is the new oil. If you want to analyze fast, you need to access the data very, very fast and analyze it very fast. You cannot do it if you don’t access the metadata very fast.”

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • Gelvan describes the problems the company had seen with storage engines and why the previous ones were not built to scale. He explains why this motivated himself and the other founders to create Speedb and how it is solving problems with scaling.
  • Gelvan takes a deep dive into what a storage engine is and why the growth of IoT over the last 10 years has led to a need to create a new data structure that can handle the large volume of metadata.
  • Over the past 20 years, our data needs have changed dramatically and so has the metadata that contains the information about the data. Gelvan explains the evolution of metadata and its relationship to the data and why managing it is challenging nowadays.
  • Since every technology company relies on data, Gelvan feels that this is a problem for everyone. He explains why metadata is key to being able to analyze the data quickly and why companies need new technologies to manage metadata efficiently. He discusses why Speedb is helping to solve these problems.
  • The people who are building the data systems or have access to the architecture of the application depend on the data and managing it. Gelvan details why they are struggling with storage engines which can lead to performance problems.
  • Gelvan believes Speedb can change the way metadata is managed in the world. He goes into detail about what is in the pipeline for the company, such as going open source and their enterprise commercial version.

Connect with Adi Gelvan (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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