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Why SimSage Moved From Google To Linode | Success Stories


Rock de Vocht, CTO and Co-Founder of SimSage, was fascinated with computers from his early age. He was not attracted to the ‘computing’ aspect of it, rather he was more interested in knowing/exploring how to ‘communicate’ with computers. As someone who lived on different continents, including Australia and Europe, he was also exposed to learning different languages. He combined his passion for languages with his passion for interacting with computers that led to the creation of SimSage, a company that creates solutions for companies so their employees can tap into the information they are looking for. But instead of using legacy ‘keyword’-based search, it uses AI/ML and Natural Language Processing to help employees find that exact information they’re looking for. SimSage is leveraging almost all of Linode’s offerings, including GPUs, to serve its customers. It’s one of the most exciting success stories for Linode where I see a company making use of everything that Linode is offering. I enjoyed this discussion and I hope you will enjoy it too.

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