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Why You Need To Learn Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Tools


Today’s economy is run on software. However, if you are not a coder that doesn’t mean you can’t start a modern company. Coding for Entrepreneurs is a platform designed to help non-technical entrepreneurs who don’t have any prior coding experience in building projects for their companies. Coding for Entrepreneurs recently launched a new series called “Try Infrastructure as Code with Linode” (that rhymes), which covers tools like Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, Chef and SaltStack. Justin Mitchel, Founder of Coding for Entrepreneurs, joined us to talk about why he started the company and how it helps non-technical entrepreneurs.

“Initially I set out to help non-technical entrepreneurs. That was my goal because that’s what I was. Now I still have that as part of the DNA because it always will be. But the other part is also helping any kind of developer get better at these skills that I’m so passionate about,” said Mitchel on the latest episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

He talked about why developers and DevOps teams should learn Infrastructure as Code (IaC) practices and tools, and the benefits especially with the skill shortage. He also talked about the Try Infrastructure as Code with Linode program and the tools he chose for the program.

Here are some of the topics we discussed:

  • How would Mitchel define IaC and what value does it bring to developer or DevOps and operator teams?
  • Why should modern software developers learn these IaC tools?
  • With the shortage of cloud-native skills and the increasing complexity of cloud computing, how can budding entrepreneurs continue to build new products and companies?

Guest: Justin Mitchel (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Coding for Entrepreneurs (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

About Justin Mitchel: Justin Mitchel is a father, coder, teacher, YouTuber, best-selling Udemy instructor, and the founder of Coding for Entrepreneurs. He also hosts a five-part Linode LIVE!

About Coding for Entrepreneurs: is a series of project-based programming classes for non-technical founders. If you ever thought about starting a web-based business or project, these are the series for you.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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