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Why Your Company Needs Private 5G Network


The allocation of further 5G spectrum has enabled lots of companies to deliver solutions in the 5G network space. GXC is leveraging the CBRS spectrum which is available and open to different uses. Work is also underway to take spectrum that has been purchased or given by carriers and allow it to be used for private wireless for the enterprise.  Although 5G is often thought of as a faster download speed, in the case of an enterprise, GXC is looking at the ability to slice the network in order to provide different priorities to different applications and tools. In manufacturing, which is one of the company’s key verticals, this means assigning various devices and machines on the factory floor different priorities on the network. Ben Posthuma, Head of Product at GXC, explains in further detail in this video what this means for 5G private networks that are contained and owned within an enterprise.

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