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Why Your Hybrid Workforce Needs Efficient Meeting Platforms Like Klaxoon


Guest: Marie Barbesol (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Klaxoon (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

The future of work is remote and ‘hybrid’. However, working from home or remotely has its own challenges; it can lead to burnout and inefficiency. Zoom and many other video conferencing platforms were not designed for becoming a central tool for the global workforce or running businesses.

We need platforms that are designed for this purpose, with efficiency in mind. Launched in 2015, Klaxoon is focused on how to hold efficient meetings. They’ve accumulated years of experience and have created a set of solutions used by millions of people spread over 120 countries and numerous organizations (from Fortune 500 to small businesses). The company is based in France but has teams based in Boston, New York, and all over the United States.

When the company first started, there wasn’t much interest in meeting efficiently. Over the past few years, that’s changed. According to Marie Barbesol, Chief Evangelist at Klaxoon, there are three reasons for that. “First of all, when the pandemic hit, we all had to work remotely. So, this was really the new model of hybrid work. Secondly, we have more and more tools, so it’s much more difficult to handle. It brings a lot of complexity.” Barbesol adds, “Finally, we also have found that all the cycles of decision have become much faster. Before, when we needed to settle a new product, to launch a new operating model you had several months, several years.” Now, with that decision time shortened, meetings must be more efficient.

Since 2018, Klaxoon has witnessed a revolution, which they’ve dubbed the “workshop.” Unlike the standard Zoom meeting, Klaxoon is focused on key moments and the ability to find ideas, make decisions. How this works in production, Barbesol explains, “You have activities where you can work synchronously with your team, which means you need to organize a workshop, you need to have everyone around the table virtually, remotely, or on-site. You have to work altogether. You can do it.”

In a demo, Barbesol demonstrated how easy it is to launch activities within a workshop, and how to run an effective workshop in a limited time. Other demonstrated features included question launching, connecting to a workshop, video conferencing, slide sharing, template libraries, viewing consolidated feedback, brainstorming sessions, and how once a workshop is ended it is then presented as a memo so all participants have the summary. Finally, Barbesol demonstrated how private spaces can be created that enable a team to collaborate.

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

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