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Wireshark Creator Gerald Combs, Sysdig To Help Expand The Project To The Cloud


Gerald Combs, the Wireshark creator and project leader, has joined unified container and cloud security company Sysdig. Gerald joins Sysdig’s open source team, which is a significant contributor to many open source projects, including Falco, eBPF, Sysdig open source, Sysdig Inspect, and other tools and libraries. With Gerald joining, Sysdig assumes responsibility for sponsoring and managing the Wireshark community and extending Wireshark’s use cases to the cloud ecosystem.

Wireshark, an open source tool, is a widely-used traffic protocol analyzer with more than 60 million downloads in the last 5 years, an average of one million per month. Loris Degioanni, CTO and Founder of Sysdig, partnered with Gerald to launch Wireshark more than 15 years ago.

Sysdig said it will ensure the community has the backing it needs, including supporting Gerald as the leader of the community, ensuring Wireshark has the resources needed to operate, and sponsoring SharkFest. Sysdig has an open source team that will contribute to Wireshark.

Reunited, Gerald and Loris plans to investigate new innovative ways to address challenges with securing the cloud.

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