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With $50M In Series B Funding, LinearB Is Looking At Optimizing Developer Workflow


LinearB, the engineering efficiency platform, has secured $50 million in Series B funding led by Tribe Capital. The company aims to enable developers to spend more time building and solving problems and writing code by solving the productivity problems their teams face. LinearB hopes that by solving these problems developers will be able to ship more features and provide more value to their businesses.

“Developers get into software engineering because they love building and solving problems and writing code. And yet, if you look at the average developer that works for an engineering organization at a company, they might spend 1-2 hours a day actually writing code, which is not ideal. And this actually got worse after dev teams started working from home in 2020,” says Rocco Seyboth, Head of Community at LinearB, on the latest episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

Key highlights from this video interview are:

  • WFH has impacted how developers spend their day with increased bottlenecks and idle time due to developers not being in close proximity to one another. Seyboth discusses how WFH is contributing to challenges with collaboration and productivity and how it is impacting developers’ time devoted to writing code.
  • LinearB is attracting a large community of DevOps teams, and has tripled the number they have helped in the last year alone. Seyboth discusses the growth of their DevOps community.
  • LinearB is solving problems that many developers face. He explains how LinearB’s developer workflow optimization is helping improve things not only for developers but also for engineering managers and executives.
  • The Series B funding now brings LinearB’s total funding to over $70 million in the last two years. Seyboth talks about some of the key investors in the company and how their expertise is adding value to the company.
  • LinearB is going all-in with developer workflow optimization. Similar to other vendors, LinearB already has elements of value stream management and engineering intelligence built into its developer workflow optimization but Seyboth explains how their approach is different and how what they are working on will improve developers’ lives.
  • LinearB decided early on that their growth model would be driven by community-led and product-led growth. Seyboth discusses the different outlets where they are building and interacting with their community and how their beliefs in investing in community are helping grow the company and business.

Guest: Rocco Seyboth (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: LinearB (Twitter)
Show: TFiR Newsroom
Keyword: Engineering Efficiency

About Rocco Seyboth: Rocco Seyboth leads community for LinearB and is the co-founder of the Dev Interrupted engineering leadership community. Rocco’s held leadership roles at major players like AWS and Symantec as well as numerous start-ups. He makes time to pay it forward by advising start-up founders and CEOs on go-to-market strategy, community building and product-led growth.

About LinearB: LinearB is an engineering efficiency tool that correlates data across your tools to identify bottlenecks and automate developer workflow optimization. This developer-first approach to automating engineering improvement uses data as the foundation for creating autonomous, self-improving dev teams. Engineering organizations use LinearB to reduce cycle time, improve planning accuracy and ensure on-time value delivery.

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