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With DevOpsCare, We Get A Fully Managed CI/CD Solution For Any Kubernetes Environment


Guest: Shaun O’Meara (LinkedIn)
Company: Mirantis (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

Mirantis recently launched Lens-powered DevOpsCare, which is a fully-managed CI/CD solution for any Kubernetes environment. It’s targeted at those customers who want to be agnostic to the platforms they use, but run into the age-old challenges of complexity of Kubernetes and managing applications.

Shaun O’Meara, Field CTO of Mirantis, expands on this by saying, “Customers are dealing with an enormous amount of complexity when it comes to Kubernetes. We’re here to help our customers make better decisions through the power of Lens and with the power, we’re adding on the Lens extensions to make it easier for customers to consume those resources.”

As to how DevOpsCare plays into the Lens ecosystem, O’Meara mentions that the latest release of Lens includes a new clustering capability, which makes it possible for every developer to access a real production level cluster to run and test their workloads on automatically. O’Meara expands on this with, “One of the big powers of Lens is its ability to extend in a very sustainable way. So we can start to add extensions to Lens and add extra capabilities to links. That’s how we’re going to offer DevOpsCare.”

How does DevOpsCare improve the lives of developers? The clear benefit, according to O’Meara, is ultimately the elimination of complexity and running Kubernetes with confidence. But why did Mirantis create DevOpsCare now? On that, O’Meara says, “One of the questions that every customer gets asked is what are the barriers to adoption? Every customer turns around and says complexity, and you can see it’s high up there. We’ve done our own surveys across our customer base and its complexity every single time.”

O’Meara says there are other people trying to do this same thing, but through software or SAS models. The differentiator with Mirantis is that they are completely agnostic to the underlying Kubernetes platform. They are also focused on outcomes. So, instead of saying, “Here’s our piece of software, go run with it,” Mirantis is saying, “Here’s our software and we’ll operate it for you and we’ll support you right throughout that journey including helping you analyze your product.”

The summary of the show is written by Jack Wallen

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