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With GXC Onyx, Take Full Control Over Your 5G Private Network


GXC has been focusing on R&D on their mesh architecture since it sets them apart from their competition in this space. The mesh architecture allows GXC to connect multiple RAN nodes using the same CBRS spectrum where usually you would have to run fiber or ethernet to connect the individual radio access network. GXC, on the other hand, can deliver these with a built-in mesh capability. As GXC can connect all the devices together wirelessly with the mesh network, they can deliver a network very quickly. Ben Posthuma, Head of Product at GXC, discusses its first core commercial product, GXC Onyx, which gives enterprises a full virtualized network management platform to control the network. It comes with a built-in core network, and GXC provides everything enterprises need to run and control the network. To find out more about GXC’s new core product, watch this video.

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