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With Kubernetes And Linode, FireServiceRota Is Helping Fire Services Across Europe


FireServiceRota, founded in 2006, specializes in software for emergency services in Europe. The company, which currently serves over 1,000 fire stations, aims to create a flexible solution using open source technologies and Linode infrastructure to reimagine the way scheduling and alerts work for fire services.

“We check the whole process from them being available and ensuring that there is enough resources, skilled people, to the actual alerts and ensuring that sufficient people are at the fire station to actually respond to the incident,” says Ruben Stranders, Co-Founder and CTO of FireServiceRota, on this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Stranders explains the complexities of scheduling and coordination for retained or voluntary firefighters.
  • He explains how their FireServiceRota tools work to ensure there are enough skilled firefighters on-hand to respond to incidents and protect the community.
  • FireServiceRota has several APIs to integrate with the command and control system. They use Kubernetes hosted at Linode due to its scalability and the ability to backup in different data centers ensuring the resilience of these systems. Stranders discusses in further detail the technologies behind their systems.
  • Stranders explains how the automation works with FireServiceRota and what areas require some manual input and why.
  • Low latency is important for FireServiceRota when first responders need to receive alerts in a matter of seconds. Stranders discusses the infrastructure behind FireServiceRota and how it is achieving this.
  • Although on-premises installed software has its benefits, FireServiceRota works entirely off as-a-service model. Stranders discusses the benefit of running the one version which is used by all their customers in Europe rather than customers having to install and maintain installed software.
  • As disaster can be a challenging area to provide solutions for, Stranders goes into depth about the complexities they face and how their systems and services are built to tackle these. He explains how their in-built safety net of 5,000 checks enables them to take risks without putting the systems at risk.
  • Stranders explains how fire services are evolving in order to serve their communities more effectively, and some of the newer technologies now being used more widely.
  • FireServiceRota finds that their exclusive focus on firefighting helps them gain a deep understanding of the needs of fire services with scheduling and alerting. Stranders details a use case of one of their customers and how they have helped transition from an old rigid duty system to a more flexible one.

Guest: Ruben Stranders (LinkedIn)
Company: FireServiceRota (Twitter) | Linode (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk 
Keywords: Solutions for Firefighters

About Ruben Stranders: Dr. Ruben Stranders is a co-founder of FireServiceRota, which specializes in planning and dispatching software for emergency services. Ruben teaches AI at Tec de Monterrey, and also builds crypto trading bots using AI. He studied Computer Science at Delft University of Technology and holds a Ph.D. in AI from the University of Southampton.

About FireServiceRota: FireServiceRota is a powerful and flexible planning and scheduling system for fire brigades.

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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