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Without Observability, Security Is Blind: Oxeye CEO, Dean Agron


Summary: Security has become the top priority for users as Cloud Native Computing is moving into production. Cloud security has become a busy place with both traditional and cloud-native vendors offering solutions to users, Oxeye is a new player in the space, which is still in stealth mode, offering a cloud-native application security testing platform. In this interview for KubeCon 2021 (NA), Dean Agron, CEO & Co-Founder of Oxeye joined me to talk about why he created the company. “ The main driver that moved us to open Oxeye was the shift in the application technology landscape towards cloud-native approach, and that’s combined with the shift-left movement in the cybersecurity landscape, handing over the responsibility and ownership of a security to developers,” said Agron.

Here is a summary of the topics we covered in this show:

  • Introduction to the company, why it was created.
  • Difference between traditional IT security vs Cloud Native Computing security and what unique challenges does it pose?
  • We hear a lot about shift left and DevSecOps, SRE movement, but how much of it is actually being practiced vs preached?
  • Is Oxeye a security vendor or an observability vendor?
  • What kind of solutions does Oxeye have?
  • Presence at KubeCon and plans for coming out of stealth?

Guest: Dean Agron (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Oxeye

About Oxeye: Oxeye provides a cloud-native application security testing solution designed specifically for modern architectures. We enable our customers to identify and resolve the most critical code vulnerabilities as an integral part of the software development lifecycle. The company helps AppSec and Developer teams ensure no vulnerable code ever reaches production. The company’s solution offers a single pane of glass for microservices and modern application security testing by providing rich vulnerability context and limiting the noise of true/false.

About Dean Argon:

Dean is the CEO of Oxeye, he is a cyber-security expert with +14 years of diverse experience and executive positions. Prior to Oxeye, Dean led the strategic consulting group at Kayhut, a cyber security service provider. He led a variety of engineering, sales, and partnership roles working for Imperva and Checkpoint.

Topics: KubeCon 2021 (NA), Kubernetes, Security

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