Write for US

I am looking at paid content for TFiR, especially tutorials, tips and explanatory blog. Tutorials and Tips are aimed at developers/DevOps community whereas explanatory blogs are targeted at newcomers who are new to these technologies, PR and marketing folks who still don’t fully understand these terms.

How much do we pay?
We pay standard online publisher rates.

What are we looking for?
Crisp and to the point:
Tutorials: in-depth tutorials to help developers and DevOps team to use solutions in the most efficient way)
Tips: in-depth tips to optimize configurations and settings
Explanatory blog: Articles explaining terminologies, jargons and concepts

Word limit
It must be short, crisp yet complete. I am looking at around 700-1400 words.

What topics?

  • Linux Servers (sysadmin)
  • Windows Servers (sysadmin)
  • Linux/Windows desktop (Developer focused topics only)
  • Containers
  • Cloud Computing
  • AI/ML

Who is the target audience?
Our targeted audience is Developers, DevOps engineers, newcomers, and PR/marketing experts.

How to get in touch?
Send over your blog proposal to me at ‘[email protected]’. Don’t send me the actual blog, just pitch the idea. Alternatively, you can use this form “Submit Blog Proposal” to send over your proposal.