YouTube Partners With Arizona State University To Offer Online Courses For College Credit


YouTube has partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) and Crash Course to offer a series of online courses for college credit that begin on YouTube. These transferable, credit-bearing courses are a significant expansion of the current Study Hall collaboration between the three organizations, which is aimed at breaking down barriers — including accessibility and cost — to open flexible new pathways to high-quality education.

Study Hall offers a comprehensive solution for learners to begin earning credit for their first year of study at a time and place that is convenient for them. Starting today, students can sign up for four Study Hall courses called “College Foundations” that will begin on March 7, 2023.

College Foundations is a suite of the most common first-year college courses and are essential components of the first-year general education curriculum at most higher- education institutions. The first four courses are English Composition, College Math, US History, and Human Communication. Learners begin by watching course content on the Study Hall YouTube channel, and if they’re interested in formal coursework beyond the videos, they can sign-up to participate in full online courses at ASU led by the same award-winning faculty that teach all ASU courses. Courses run for seven weeks.

Learners will complete coursework and interact directly with other students and faculty. For an optional fee, learners can receive college credit that can be applied toward certificates and degrees at ASU and at most U.S. colleges and universities. Study Hall is slated to have 12 courses available by January 2025.

Study Hall videos are available to watch at no cost. There will be a $25 fee if the student elects to sign up and begin coursework, and a $400 fee to receive credit for each course. Learners who register before March 7, 2023, will receive special scholarship pricing of $350 per course. Each course can be taken more than once, and learners pay for credit only when they are satisfied with their grade. This credit can then be used at any institution that accepts ASU credits.

Study Hall is available to any learner looking to pursue a college degree, including the 55 million college hopefuls and early college students in the United States. Learners can watch Study Hall videos on either YouTube or the Study Hall website and choose whether or not to pursue college credit for the courses.

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