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Zextras Launches Carbonio Open-Source Solution For Email And Collaboration


Zextras has announced the launch of Carbonio, the open-source solution for email and collaboration targeted to the growing segment of organizations with a responsible attitude towards privacy and data sovereignty. Carbonio functions are natively built together to give an overall experience, both to end users and system administrators.

Potential customers are governments, public administrations, providers of healthcare services, banks, and all other enterprises dealing with the personal data of individuals, plus internet services providers serving these market segments.

“We have been active in the email and collaboration market segment for over a decade, and we have seen a growing number of organizations asking for a solution that’s fully compliant with privacy regulations and respectful of data sovereignty,” says Paolo Storti, CEO of Zextras. “Carbonio has been designed from the ground up to serve these legitimate needs without compromise”.

Zextras Carbonio is available in two different flavors. The Community Edition (CE), released under the AGPL and targeted towards FOSS community members, offers all the essential email and communication features, while the commercial turnkey solution – targeted towards large infrastructures – is suitable for organizations looking for end-to-end secure management of end user data.

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